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Pioneer Landscape
Pioneer Landscape, Inc. prides itself on perfection and cares about your property and its components. It is our mission is to provide a beautiful landscape environment, with quality products, and a lasting service that can be enjoyed over a lifetime and for many years to come.

*Licensed, insured, and bonded AA public works contractor.

October Tip:

Think about putting that lawn mower away for the season! Try and refrain from cutting the blades too short before winter. You want to leave enough carbohydrate reserves for the cold months ahead. Try and give your turf a few more deep soakings before the ground freezes as this will help maintain it's health.
Think about fertilizing the shrub and trees for the last time this season with a slow release fertilizer. Water in well and keep a close eye on plants throughout the winter as the soil should remain slightly moist.
Don't forget to schedule your irrigation winterization! Have it done by a professional and preferably before freezing conditions.

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